This page has preparations listed for our procedures. For upper endoscopies the preparation is mostly not eating after midnight the night before. Capsule endoscopy instructions are listed below. Colonoscopies require bowel preparation and instructions for multiple products are listed.


Bowel preparations are available below in many languages. There are also instructions regarding specific preparation products. 

All bowel preparations involve going on a clear liquid diet the entire day before the preparation. No solid food should be consumed regardless of manufacturer preparation instructions that state otherwise. You should consume as much clear liquids as you can the day before. Avoid red or purple liquids.

Bowel preparations should be done "split dose" so that half is done the evening before and the other half 4 hours before the procedure.

You should try to avoid seeds and nuts a week before the procedure. If you forget that is not a reason to cancel the procedure as the preparation will still be effective in most cases. 

For an afternoon procedure you can choose to do the entire preparation in the morning. This is actually more effective.

Continue aspirin before your procedure if you take it regularly. If you are on other blood thinners please call us for exact instructions on how to handle holding them before your procedure. Depending on your reason for being on the medication and which medication is being used it may have to be on hold 1-7 days prior to the procedure.

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Suprep instructions in English, Spanish

Go Lytely Instructions- Spanish

Upper Endoscopy Preparation

Miralax Prep

Go Lytely Instructions- English

Capsule Endoscopy Preparation

COVID-19 Precautions For Procedures

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